Did this today on Paint. As in Windows XP Paint. With a mouse. WIP. Clearly.

I’m sorta scared of screwing up the hair and eyes sobs. It’s already terrible though, so it should be fine, I guess…. . _ . (Terrible meaning terrible by principle, because I drew it.)

i found a karkat-ish thing on my usb

Drawing/doodling alone on iScribble. :c

So yesterday when I said I was worse at Crash Bandicoot than usual, I wasn’t kidding.

help… me…

Don’t just watch a whale. Experience it!

Omfg. Guess what I’ve been playing?

just something i found trying to remember the name of a shark...


I guess now is as good a time to get tese as when I took the pics to upload them days ago. Yep.

Most of this is complete crap and should be ignored. Like the shitty Jade page and the horrible doodle of Jane. And I’ve already got two of the others up but hey, may as well put up the full set.

Also i did a lot of this while watching Sherlock HEHEHBERWKLHJGBLSKDGNBJ

ALSO in case it wasn’t obvious before I really like drawing singular left (right? idk) eyes. 8U

I fail at everything I attempt. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Like, she looks like an old woman omg.

Also has this been done yet??

Why does everything likeable I draw have to be on tiny little scraps of paper or in the margins of books?

it’s actually because i draw better when i’m drawing small but w/e

also it’s not yellow paper i just have shitty lighting apparently and camera flash makes it look dumb so PHOTOSHOP TO MAKE IT MORE VISIBLE YAE

ALSO her hand is stupid but so are her arms and also just about everything else ok i’ll shut up

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to be part of this but hey look i did something

I really like doodling with these pens, ok. I have a couple of pages filled from where I’ve taken to doodling while watching Sherlock, but whaddya know, Davesprite ended up with his own page. o:

Scanned it.

God Tier sketch dump!

Okay most of these are pretty bad but I’m gonna comment on them individually anyway. Once I decide on the photoset layout.

  1. Maid of Hope - Fruuuuuuuuuut~ This is pretty terrible omg. But it’s the best it was gonna get @ . @ Also I still wasn’t sure of a strife thingie SOOOO…
  2. Maid of Mind - Brittles!! This is pretty damn terrible too. I redrew the face 50+ times and I still don’t like it. . __ . I don’t think I drew the club too well either, but. :P
  3. well fuck i found another maid scan - Yeah, Frut again. I think I drew this one first and never really looked at it again?? Mainly because it’s terrible and it looks like you’re grabbing your crotch and i couldn’t get the design right.
  4. Dame of Time - Gizzie~ Uh, this looks nothing like you or your troll/kidself. the design is pretty terrible too, but I actually sorta like it. o: Also I drew it in a yard full of people. Felt I should just. Add that. There.


yeah i suck ok i know

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